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Shanghai Belling Co., Ltd. is located in Caohejing Development Zone, Shanghai. This development zone is the only one to integrate state-level technology development zone, high-tech industrial development zone, and export processing zone. On June 21, 1985, integrated circuit production line project broke earth; on Sep. 10, 1998, the company was founded. Shanghai Belling’s growing up boosted China’s integrated circuit development into a new stage. On Sep. 24, 1998, Shanghai

Telecom,LED Driver,MOSFET

Logic,Memory,Consumer electroic

Power meter

Power management

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BL4684C Dual SPDT Analog Switch 通用模拟开关 下载数据手册 购买
BL6212CP Class AB Audio Amplifier 音频放大器 下载数据手册 购买
BL9193-12BAPRN CMOS type LDO Linear Regulator 线性稳压器(LDO) 下载数据手册 购买
BL55028 General LCD driver IC LCD驱动器 下载数据手册 购买